BOT Meeting, September 16; Public Comments…

At the Board of Trustee meeting of September 16, two faculty members made public comments regarding the 2014-2015 budget.

Sarah Thompson: Sarah’s Comments

LaVaughn Hart: LaV’s Comments

Faculty Evaluation Process….

PowerPoint presentation on Faculty Evaluation Process: faculty-evaluation-process-f14.pdf

Faculty Focus Newsletter – September 2014

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – September 2014: Faculty Association Newsletter for September 2014

  • Grade Changes
  • Assignment of Grades: Faculty Right to Assign Grades Based on Class Attendance
  • Sexual Harassment and Stalking Training: Part- time Faculty
  • MOU: Part-time Faculty Working on SLOs, CLOs, PLOs

Faculty Fair Share – 2014…

Message from Charlotte Lofft, FA President Faculty Fair Share Letter – August 2014

Faculty Focus Newsletter – May 2014

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – March 2014: Faculty Association Newsletter for May 2014

  • Enrollment Management Update
  • FA Survey

FA Election Results…

March 12, 2014

TO: All Faculty, District Wide
FROM: Charlotte Lofft, FA President
RE: Election Results: FA Officers 2014-16

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to announce that the following officers were elected to serve as FA Executive Board officers for a two year term. Thank you for your support. It is our pleasure to serve you.

President: Charlotte Lofft
Chabot VP: Dave Fouquet
LPC VP: LaVaughn Hart
Chabot Membership: Doris Hanhan
LPC Membership: Debbie Fields
Chabot At Large: Tom DeWit
LPC At Large: Tom Orf
Chabot PT Rep: Zac Walsh
LPC PT Rep: Vicki Austin

The new Bylaws, approved last Fall, require that the Secretary and Treasurer be appointed as well as the two College Grievance Officers.

Our current appointed officers are:

Chabot Grievance Officer: Jane Valleley
LP Grievance Officer: Nan Ho
Secretary: Nancy Cowan Pinio
Treasurer: Debbie Fields – appointed Treasurer

FA Constitution and Bylaws – Dec 2013

View the revised FA Constitution and Bylaws – Dec 2013: FA Constitution and Bylaws

Faculty Fair Share Letter…

Message from Charlotte Lofft, FA President Faculty Fair Share Letter – June 17

SLO, MOU, Adjunct

Check out the latest MOU for Adjunct Pay for SLOs FA and the District have reached an agreement whereby you will be paid for your work on SLOs, CLOs, and PLOs. The work has to be approved by your Division Dean in advance of your payment. Please read the attached MOU which memorializes the agreement and professionalizes and values your work on these matters.

FA Wins First Round against District in Unfair Labor Practice Charge