Introducing the SDI option for part time faculty

With our new contract, part time faculty will have the option of selecting as a group to participate in SDI. An election to determine whether we will join will take place by the end of the spring 2016 semester. To find this provision in our contract, look at Article 18X.
Public agencies including school districts are not required to provide SDI coverage, but a law passed in 2009 allows part time faculty to vote to participate as a group in the SDI program. Our new contract will allow us to decide whether to take advantage of the availability of SDI coverage.

California State Disability Insurance (SDI) provides partial wage replacement. SDI has two programs: disability insurance and paid family leave insurance.

For disability coverage, SDI provides up to 52 weeks of partial wage replacement at 55% of wages. There are conditions that need to be met for this eligibility. More details on eligibility and benefits can be found here: and here:

For paid family leave, SDI provides a total of six work weeks per year at 55% of wages. Members are eligible for coverage based on a variety of family situations, including birth and care of a newborn, adoption, and care for a member of one’s immediate family with a serious medical condition.  One important point to keep in mind is that the unit member needs to be either employed or collecting unemployment insurance at the time he or she applies for state disability. The application is done through the California Employment Development Department.

SDI is funded by member contributions. The contribution rate is determined by the state. For 2016, that rate is .9% of wages up to a limit of $106,742. The maximum weekly benefit is $1104.

Please think about whether you are in favor of joining this program. A vote will take place later this semester. If you have questions, please contact your part time representative. At Chabot, that’s Zac Walsh at At Las Positas, that’s Vicky Austin at

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