Comment to Board of Trustees

On Tuesday, Oct 18, LaVaughn Hart, Faculty Association VP and co-chair of the District Planning and Budget Committee (PBC), spoke during the Public Comments to the CLPCCD Board of Trustees. She voiced concerns about the PBC and Budget Allocation Model (BAM). See her comments here. Click here to see LaV comments

Remarks Of Laurie Docktor, Chabot Faculty Senate President, About Misuses of the Budget Allocation Model. See her comments here. Click here to see Laurie’s comments

Charlotte Lofft, stated: “the FA has serious concerns about the way the District has currently applied the BAM and urged that there is still time to work out a solution if the parties will approach the topic together. She stated that a lot of goodwill is on the line and that we need to take that seriously.

Melissa Korber, Las Positas Faculty Senate President and Charlotte Lofft, Faculty Association President also made comments to the Board of Trustees.

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