Faculty Survey

Poll Closed — Thank you for your responses

The FA is interested in the following information in order to help us prepare the Academic Calendar in ways that best serve your needs.  Please take the time to complete this poll;

Two questions:

1.    Please consider the option of having the spring semester begin before Martin Luther King Day in years where the holiday falls after January 17.  Currently the spring semester always begins the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day. This has meant that the start of the semester could be as late as January 21. By having the option to start before Martin Luther King Day, the spring semester could always end before Memorial Day.  This arrangement could help students with Financial Aid in that they might get their checks for summer classes in time to begin the class.

2. Please consider if you want Spring Break to be in the middle of the Spring Semester instead of the week before or after Easter. This would allow the semester to be split  more evenly.  The benefit would be that the amount of time before and after Spring Break would be more evenly split. A possible negative is that, depending on the placement of Easter,  our Spring Break would not align with the Spring Break of local school districts.