To apply for FA membership or update membership information AND be eligible to participate in FA elections either as a candidate or voter and eligible to vote to approve or reject the FA contract; please download, print, complete, and send via campus mail the following hard-copy form Chabot-Las Positas FA Membership Form.docx OR Chabot-Las Positas FA Membership Form.pdf.

Now available, submit your membership information online: Chabot-Las Positas FA ONLINE Membership form

Fair Share Fees: What Does That Mean?
The Chabot-Las Positas Faculty Association (CLPFA or FA), is the exclusive bargaining agent and representative for all faculty of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD). In representing you, the FA incurs significant costs. In recognition of the principle that non-union members pay their ‘fair share’ of obtaining and maintaining benefits of union representational activities, the California State Legislature has approved the deduction of “fair share fees” from the salaries of public employees who are not union members. Collection of fair share fees has been approved by the Supreme Court and the courts of California.

The FA has determined that the ‘fair share fee’ of a non-member will not exceed the dues of a faculty member who has submitted the Membership Form. Non-members do not vote in elections or on contract issues. Accordingly, the CLPFA member dues and non-member fair share fee for full-time and part-time faculty is .6% of gross earnings per month.

A non-member can be one of two types: strictly a non-member, or a non-member who objects to paying for non-chargeable expenses of the labor organization. A non-member who does not file a formal objection will pay a fair share fee equal to the dues paid by a member of the FA. If the non-member files an objection, the agency fee payment can be reduced to the fair share of expenses considered necessary for administering the FA’s obligation as the representative of all employees covered by the contract. To file an objection; In order to pay a reduced fee, which for the 2015-2016 school year would be 93.12% of the total membership dues, you must inform the FA, in writing, of your request within 35 days of the receipt of the annual Fair Share letter sent to faculty in August.

The request should be in writing to the FA c/o our Treasurer, Debbie Fields, at Chabot-Las Positas Faculty Association, 4682 Chabot Drive #11712, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Include your name, address, employee status (Full-time or Part-Time, school (Chabot or LPC), and signature. Payroll will be informed of your request starting October.

Membership in the CLPC Faculty Association is open to all full-time and part-time faculty at Chabot and Las Positas Colleges.