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Contract: July 2019 – July 2022
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Salary Schedule FY 2018-2019
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The Faculty Contract for 2015-2018 has been ratified, revised and approved. It will be available soon. Meanwhile, here are the highlights of the tentative agreement:

Board of Trustees Ratifies Tentative Agreement

See details below

The Faculty Contract for 2012-2014 has been ratified, revised and approved. It is available here:
CLPCCD-CLPFA Contract 2012-2014.pdf

CLPCCD Human Resources – Contracts and Salary Schedules:
CLPCCD Human Resources website

NOTE: any faculty member can request a printed copy of the contract upon request. Please ask any FA Board member

You can also read our constitution and bylaws:

The Faculty Association has updated the FA Constitution and Bylaws: Constitution, Bylaws Update.doc – December 2013 revision

Sabbatical Leave Handbook: Update June 2015