FA Election Results…

March 12, 2014

TO: All Faculty, District Wide
FROM: Charlotte Lofft, FA President
RE: Election Results: FA Officers 2014-16

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to announce that the following officers were elected to serve as FA Executive Board officers for a two year term. Thank you for your support. It is our pleasure to serve you.

President: Charlotte Lofft
Chabot VP: Dave Fouquet
LPC VP: LaVaughn Hart
Chabot Membership: Doris Hanhan
LPC Membership: Debbie Fields
Chabot At Large: Tom DeWit
LPC At Large: Tom Orf
Chabot PT Rep: Zac Walsh
LPC PT Rep: Vicki Austin

The new Bylaws, approved last Fall, require that the Secretary and Treasurer be appointed as well as the two College Grievance Officers.

Our current appointed officers are:

Chabot Grievance Officer: Jane Valleley
LP Grievance Officer: Nan Ho
Secretary: Nancy Cowan Pinio
Treasurer: Debbie Fields – appointed Treasurer

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