FA Newsletter May 2019

May 2019 FA Newsletter

  • The Perils of the SCFF
  • News from the Bargaining Table
  • Three MOUs worth a look

CCCI Resolutions

CCCI Resolutions

Recent Contract MOUs – 4/2019

Agreement between District and FA regarding creating DE classes via the OEI

OEI Course Alignment Application (for Payment)

Parental Bonding Leave

JANUS Article 2

Janus Decision and the FA

FA and the Janus Decision

FA Welcome Letter

Welcome letter from FA President: Dave Fouquet: FA Welcome Letter

Latest MOU

Latest MOU for individualized instruction. 2018_0425 Signed FA MOU Add Language to Article 10D.1(b) of the Agreement

FA Board Election Results…

Dear Colleagues:

Here are the results of the recent election of Faculty Association Officers. Thank you to all who voted. We appreciate your interest and support. These newly elected officers will begin their two year terms on June 1, 2018.

Thanks again, Charlotte Lofft, FA President

New Officers:

President: Dave Fouquet

LPC Vice President: Tom Orf

Chabot Vice President: Jeff Drouin

LPC Membership: Nadiyah Taylor

Chabot Membership: Najla Abrao

LPC Part Time Rep: Victoria Austin

Chabot Part Time Rep: Shannon Lee

LPC At Large: Tina Inzerilla

Chabot At Large: Ken Grace

FA Officers Election…

Faculty Association Executive Board Elections. 

In your mailboxes today(Chabot) and .LPC.) you will find the official embossed FA Officers Ballot. Voting boxes are near receptions desks at both campuses.  Please vote and return your ballot by March 8, 2018.

Candidate Statements If you did not get a ballot see your college membership chairperson, LPC: Nadyiah Taylor, Chabot: Doris Hanhan

Faculty Focus – February 2018

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – February 2018: Faculty Association Newsletter for February 2018

  • Election of Officers
  • Letter from CLPFA President

FA Executive Board Elections….

Dear Colleagues:

The FA is soliciting nominations for the election of officers. The terms are for two years: June 1, 2018 – June 1, 2020.

The FA Bylaws require that an elected officer be a member of the FA . Some of the positions require that the person be tenured. (See below.)

The following officer positions are elected:

President: This position is a District Wide position and can be elected from faculty at either college. The Bylaws require that the FA President be a tenured Full time faculty who is an FA member. There is only one President position.

College Vice Presidents: There are two Vice President Positions: One from each college. Each college elects its own Vice President. The Bylaws require that the Vice Presidents be tenured Full time faculty who are FA members.

Membership Chairs: There are two Membership Chair Positions: One from each college. Each college elects its own Membership Chair. The Bylaws require that the Membership Chairs be either Full time tenured faculty or Full time Contract faculty on Tenure Track Contracts. Membership Chairs must be FA members.

At Large: There are two At Large Positions. One from each college. Each college elects its own At Large Representative. At Large Officers must be FA members.

Part-time Reps: There are two Part- time Reps. One from each college. Each college elects its own Part-time Rep. Part-time Reps must be FA members.

If you are interested please submit your nomination to Catherine Gentiluomo at Chabot College by Monday, February 12th at 5 pm. The nominations should be accompanied by a personal statement evidencing your reasons for serving as an FA Officer.

Thank you,

Charlotte Lofft, FA President