Faculty Focus – April 2017

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – April 2017: Faculty Association Newsletter for April 2017

  • Recent Ballot Measures — Approved
  • Negotitions Update
  • Dual Enrollment (Assignments at off campus sites)
  • Grade Change Form
  • Update: Part-time Faculty: Placement in Retirement System
  • The Academic Calendar — 175 Days
  • Part time Counselor Faculty Block Scheduling (Begins Fall Semester, 2017)
  • Non-credit Instruction
  • 2017 – 2018 Academic Calendar

Recent MOUs

Recently negotiated Memorandums of understanding (MOUs)

  1. Canvas Implementation
  2. Dual Enrollment
  3. Block Scheduling
  4. Grade Change Form

Ballot Referendum Info

FA Ballot: Please check your mailboxes, vote on the two issues, return ballots by Thursday, April 20.

The FA will soon be asking members to vote on two issues, see Ballot Referendum Info

Faculty Focus – March 2017

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – March 2017: Faculty Association Newsletter for March 2017

  • Assignment of Grades
  • How Current Events Can Impact Our Working Conditions
  • Quick Update: Flex Day Obligations
  • Retiree Medical Benefits
  • Referendum Election: April 2017 Information Guide

Faculty Association General Meeting….

Two general Faculty Association meetings:

  • Chabot: Tuesday, April 4, 12-1pm, room 1803
  • Las Positas: Wednesday, March 29, 3-4pm, room 1620B
  • Topics of discussion: restructuring of FA membership dues
  • See CLPFA Referendum Info
  • See FACCC Info

CEMC, FA response to Board of Trustees..

At the Tuesday, February 21, Board of Trustees meeting, LaVaughn Hart addressed the BOT in public comments. Here is her comments:

Faculty Flex Day…

Tuesday, February 21 — Faculty Flex Day at Chobot and Las Positas. Faculty Flex Day Obligations

  • Mandatory Flex Day Obligations for Part-Time Faculty
  • Variable Flex Day Obligations for Part-Time Faculty
  • Mandatory Flex Day Obligation for Full-Time Faculty Teaching Evening Classes for Load
  • Professional Development vs Professional Responsibility

Faculty Contract and MOUs….

Recent MOUs:

PT Faculty Seniority List…

The annual PT Faculty Seniority list has been updated for October 2016. Please see the Part Time Faculty tab

Faculty Focus – November 2016

Check out the latest Faculty Focus Newsletter – November 2016: Faculty Association Newsletter for November 2016

  • Comments to Board of Trustees regarding Budget Allocation Model
  • Dues Changes